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Event and Training Services

WightSAR are available for duties beyond Search and Rescue, such as public events and training.

A number of these services are described below.



Lost Children

All members of WightSAR are DBS checked and have training to deal with lost children and vulnerable adults, ensuring they are kept safe and reunited with their parents or guardian as soon as possible to reduce the upset and trauma of being separated.   WightSAR have much experience in this area including the use of safety wristbands and strategic search planning to locate a missing child or vulnerable adult.


Marshalling, Communications and Safety

Working with the selected First Aid team for the event, WightSAR provide, Marshalling, Communications and other safety related cover for public events. Extensive experience of event organisation, radio communications, puts WightSAR in an ideal position to ensure that the various agencies involved work together as efficiently as possible.


Search pre-plan for residential homes

WightSAR are able to offer training in what to do should a resident be identified as missing.

The training plan focuses on initial steps, from information gathering and informing the police to search guidance for staff to enable thorough and efficient searching of the premises and immediate surrounding area as well of highlighting any safety risks that may not have been previously considered.

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